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Integrated Remote Healthcare Services

As defined by the “Institute of Remote Healthcare for Energy and associated Maritime activities©”: Remote healthcare (RHC) encompasses the health activities involved with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment targeted at those working in remote locations. It represents a set of controls and mitigations that minimises the health risks of workers in these locations. It builds on the existing controls already in place in the energy and its associated maritime activities in such a way that enhances their effectiveness. These controls include fitness to work, health risk assessment, medical emergency response, food safety, health promotion, competence, and communications. By augmenting the existing controls, we ensure that health support is available where and when it is needed, and that risks are as low as reasonably practicable.

We believe that it is possible that work in remote locations can be done without causing harm to people. We are certain that the health of workers in remote locations can be protected in the same way as (or even better than) their non-remote counterparts.

Regardless of the size, location, or scope of your project, DFAD takes an integrated approach to successfully manage your project’s medical performance. Whether you require western-trained medical support or a local team to support your glocalization initiatives, we can help create a solution that is right for you.